Catalina - film/video editor

Video EditorHi there! Welcome to my website! I would like to introduce myself to you. My name is Catalina Coman and I'm a film/video/sound editor, located in Toronto, Canada.

My website is and will continue be designed around what I love most -- fine and performing arts. If you have passions for Filmmaking, Drawing and Painting, Dance and modern Music, Fashion and Costumes, you will find items of interest here. Here you will find some of my video editing work that I can present online, a selection of my drawings and paintings, as well as stuff about movies, video clips, fashion, dance and music that I adore.

As this is my personal website, it reflects my opinions, beliefs and work on the arts that I love most. The views expressed here are my own, and do not necessarily reflect the views of my employer or of any third party that I may or may not be affiliated with. My site will capture a snapshot of the ideas, opinions and thoughts I have at any given time, although they may change with time.

Thank you for visiting me, and I hope that if you are interested in anything here or have any questions that you will feel welcome to contact me.
Warm regards, Catalina

Self Style

Self StyleSelf-Style is a Romanian fashion show of my creation, which presents designers, models and others from the fashion world.
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Logan Commercial

Renaul LoganI was asked to edit the video commercial for the "Prestige" model of Renaul Logan, the most popular car in Romania.

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Witch Comics

WitchI have collected "Witch" comics for almost three years now. Since I relocated recently, I was having problems keeping it growing. Fortunately, I discovered a great Comic Store with plenty of new supply for me. I will update my Online Covers Collection with my favourites.

Books about Editing

Avid AdrenalineBeing a film editor requires you to use professional editing software. What I like to use for film and video production is the Avid editing systems. I will keep an online record of the film and video editing books that I have found useful to me in my work.